The Devops Platform

Eficode Root DevOps platform is a complete, state-of-the-art software production line tailored to perfectly fit your organization’s needs. It comes as a turn-key solution with flexible options for support, maintenance, hosting and continuous production line development.

What is Eficode Root?

A battle tested and flexible DevOps toolchain.

A Platform For Automation and Continuous Improvement

Automation speeds up development, reduces costs and improves the output quality. Eficode Root is designed to support the shift toward continuous deployment, monitoring and performance analytics. It brings value to your customers faster – giving you a strong competitive advantage. Our built in, data driven tracking dashboards provide end-to-end visibility throughout all production phases.


Start with a pre-integrated reference architecture or pick and mix the tools of your choice

Start with a pre-integrated reference architecture, or pick and mix the tools of your choice

For Management

→ Higher throughput, faster value delivery
→ End-to-end visibility to all production phases via data driven tracking, reports and dashboards

For IT and technical support functions

→ Avoid investments to an internal production line and the related support functions
→ Avoid overlapping tool licensing and maintenance costs from running multiple product or team specific sw production lines

For R&D

→ Relieve resources and focus from the software production line and tool maintenance to more value adding software development, testing and operations related tasks
→ Get access to the latest devops tools once they reach maturity for production use

For supplier management

→ Take control over the key assets and IPR in a multi-vendor environment – requirements, error reports, source code, installable packages, documentation
→ Compare and monitor supplier performance

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The DevOps Platform to modernise your software development environment.
Root will take care of it all, from start to finish.

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